San Diego Artist Makes a Cameo in Playstation's MLB The Show 23'

San Diego Artist Makes a Cameo in Playstation's MLB The Show 23' 

San Diego, 2023

Renowned artist Rollie has been invited to feature in the highly anticipated PlayStation's MLB The Show 23 video game as a fan in the stands, marking a significant milestone in the intersection of art, gaming, and sports culture. Rollie, celebrated for his vibrant and captivating artistic creations, will now be a part of the virtual baseball experience, bringing his unique energy to the gaming world of MLB The Show 23. 

"By far one of the coolest things i've been able to do is be a part of the world of MLB The Show 23. Shoutout to all of the creators over there at Playstation, they are the best of the best. I'm happy I was able to show some of that fan experience and capture the essence of excitement in the stands."

Rollie's presence in the game exemplifies Sony's commitment to celebrating creativity and diverse talents. Players and fans alike will appreciate the authenticity and energy he brings to the virtual ballpark.

Rollie's inclusion in MLB The Show 23 not only showcases his talent to a global gaming audience but also emphasizes the increasing synergy between the art, local movers and shakes, and interactive entertainment, providing fans with a fresh and engaging perspective on the beloved game of baseball.

For more information about Rollie and his work, please visit [ or see him on social media @rollieroll].

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